About Simple life

Our vision and mission is to be a well known chain of restaurants in Malaysia which caters to the health-conscious people of today.

Our Story

From a humble beginning in 1992 as a shop selling organic products in Malacca, Simple Life has grown over the years to 13 outlets selling healthy vegetarian food featuring recipes by the person behind it, Madam Tracy Ngo, who is the founder of Simple Life and the author of three organic recipe books.

Back in the early 90s, there was little demand for organic products, but as awareness and health consciousness slowly built up, Madam Tracy began getting inquiries on how to cook organic produce. Subsequently, she started selling vegetarian food on a small scale in 1995 to encourage people to go vegetarian and held cooking classes to educate customers as well.

The main objective of Simple Life is to encourage people to eat healthy. Mr Lai Keun Ban, CEO of Simple Life has always said: “You are what you eat, so eat healthy food for a healthy body.” Making the switch to eat healthy is a long, gradual process that must be complemented by lifestyle changes such as living healthy and exercising for better, improved health.

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurants are far from the usual vegetarian restaurants, we are lively, young, trendy vibe and are inviting, with friendly service and top-notch vegetarian food.

Eschewing the use of mock meat which is mainly made of gluten, Simple Life serves up food that is natural and healthy. Only organic or natural produce goes into the cooking pot.

Simple Life also offers quality food , such as multi-grain rice, which contains more fibre and is more nutritious. It uses organic flour imported from Australia and serves a healthy charcoal bread made from edible charcoal from Japan.

These days, there is a growing trend for eating healthy among young people, so Simple Life has been seeing a lot of younger generation visiting us nowadays.

Positioning ourselves as a healthy food restaurant for everyone with an interest in eating healthy, Simple Life upholds the principle of using no MSG, no whites (eg. white sugar, flour), no preservatives and no trans-fat.

All food served in Simple Life Restaurants, including homemade sauces, are made in our Central Kitchen, so you are assured of quality control each time you dine here.

We started the first outlet in Klang Valley on 13 May 2011 in Sunway Pyramid and has grown from there to where we are today.

To further encourage the practice of healthy eating for better health, Simple Life has plans to expand by three to four outlets a year, not only in Klang Valley, but to expand to other parts of Malaysia and beyond.

Our Vision

To be the choice chain vegetarianrestaurants providing quality organic food in promoting an eco-friendly diet for a healthy lifestyle.

To encourage healthy habitual diet of vegetarian food, promoting ourlove towards the universe through environmental protection achieving the objective ofco-existence between mankind and nature.

"Save the world"

Simple Life.